All Right Now? Yes


This post was contributed by Lynn Allanson. We hope it will be the start of a series of short posts from cyclists in our area, telling us their stories from the saddle. Perhaps yours could be the next one?

Bike by a field on a sunny day

What I was seeing and how I was feeling when I took this photograph, seemed to be in perfect harmony with the Free song that was playing from the Bluetooth speaker on my bike. I have always found being on a bike one of the happiest places to be, and this is especially true in the difficult times we are experiencing now.

I took this photo in Barry, on a beautiful May afternoon looking out over the Barley fields and towards our beautiful coastline. I often listen to music on the bike and standing looking over the countryside and taking a few minutes to think how lucky I was to have this gorgeous place to cycle round, just lifted my spirits and put a huge smile on my face. If lockdown has shown me one thing it is to take more time to enjoy the moment I have, and not hankering for the moments that are not possible currently.

Since lockdown I never seen so many individuals and family groups on cycle rides, and I hope they will continue to ride when life returns to normal, as a bike is the perfect way to take time out and appreciate and enjoy what’s around you. Hopefully with the increased numbers enjoying cycling, extra resources will be made available to facilitate improvements to make cycling easier and safer for both commuting and recreation, thus giving more people the chance to enjoy being on their bike, and to also have the chance to take a moment and hopefully think “I’m Alright Now” .


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