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Welcome to Dundee Cycling

Hello! We aim to promote cycling as an everyday activity in Dundee. We are open to anyone who cycles regularly, cycles occasionally or would like to start cycling. Watch the "News" panel and page for events and issues. Also, follow our Facebook and Twitter for the very latest information and cycling-related posts from further afield that have caught our attention.

We are mainly thinking about cycling as transport for work and leisure. Anyone who has been to the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, or even some cities in the UK will know that cycling works great as basic transport - it is quick, cheap and good for you. Dundee is a compact city and reasonably dry and sunny (for Scotland!) so it is an ideal place to join this 21st century revolution. There is a lot of work to do to catch up with the best cycling cities. The Netherlands started in the 1970s and Copenhagen in the 1990s. If we learn from their experiences we can catch up. It means changing the roads and changing minds.

So that is why we are here - to help Dundee join this healthy, practical, enjoyable trend. Which is not to say we will ignore our more-sporty friends - we are all part of the big cycling picture that is the future for communities throughout the world.

Dundee Cycling Forum are offering a taste of cycling at the Cycletastic Funday in Victoria Park, Dundee on 18th August 2019.

There is something for the whole family to try, from tiny balance bikes to the latest e-bikes, from kids skill challenges to relaxing e-trike led rides. Or just bring your own bike for a pamper session at Dr Bike. If you have a bike, bring it along. If you don’t, no problem there will be bikes to try.

“Cycletastic has something for everyone” explains forum Chair Laurie Bidwell “whether you are trying something for the first time or reliving cycling fun of younger days.”

Learning to ride could not be easier for little ones these days. Balance Bikes are the modern alternative to stabilisers and Perth Bike Station are bringing Balance Bikes for kids to try and will share tips with parents.

More confident kids will love to test their skills on Angus Cycle Hub’s mobile wooden pump track. Either bring a BMX or mountain bike or borrow one from the Cycle Hub, and have some fun on our exciting bike skills and pump track with trained coaches. It gives the opportunity for young and old to increase their bike skills and try mountain biking in a controlled but fun way.

Led rides will explore the wide tarmac paths of Balgay, at a relaxed pace. Participants can pick up tips from experienced leaders from Dundee Cycling Forum. Learn to use your gears like a pro to take the effort out of climbing hills.

You can get your own bike checked at Perth Bike Station’s stall. Dr Bike service will be at the Funday to health check and carry out minor repairs to bikes brought along on the day.

If this is your first time on an eTrike or you haven’t cycled for a long time, you will have the chance to try out our eTrikes in a safe and supported environment. Re-Discover Dundee has a smart fleet of e-Trikes and e-Bikes helping to get people with health and mobility problems active again with an electric boost. Volunteers will be giving taster sessions and leading short rides on the wide tarmac paths of Balgay and Victoria Parks.

E-Bikes take the effort out of headwinds and hills. Quiet, clean and sustainable, Electric Bikes Scotland provides eco-friendly transport solutions ideal for today's urban commuter and will be providing try outs of the latest e-Bikes available in their shop in Dundee.

All activities are free and run from 12noon to 4pm on Sunday 18th August 2019 at Victoria Park, Dundee.

Cycletastic Funday is a Big Bike Revival event and is supported by a grant from CyclingUK.

Dundee Cycling Forum Cycle Parking Competition

It happens to us all. We go somewhere by bike only to find that we are hunting for a suitable place to park it and lock it securely. Dundee needs more bike parking. But a search online for bike parking shows uniform grey boring hoops and racks. Dundee is not boring. As a UNESCO city of design and home to so many excellent creative minds we can do better. Dundee Cycling Forum has obtained funding to create new cycle parking and want it to be both useful and eye catching. It is time to be creative and invent something that looks fantastic and is also really practical. This is open to all in Dundee, whoever you are - child, adult, organisation or business. We want your ideas and the very best will be fabricated and installed for everyone to admire and use.
So how do we go about choosing the best? Click the headings for our vision and judging criteria. Then draw your idea (you don't need to be a great artist - just good enough to get your idea across), decide where it would go, and enter the competition! The closing date has been extended and will be announced soon.

    There is no point putting parking where people are not going, or at a place where there is already loads of places so pick a destination that doesn't have great cycle parking. There may be no parking at all, or there may not be enough, or it might be difficult to find, or just plain boring. We have some really useful places in mind - the housing offices at Lochee and at Pitkerro, the Neighbourhood Centre in Maxwelltown, the MacManus Gallery. But there are many other places too. Where do you want to go and be able to park your bike?

    Does the design reflect something about that place? What would you do for the train station? for the swimming pools? for the parks? for the shops?

    Why do people go to the place where you want to put the bike parking? What do they do there? Can your idea tell those looking at the bike parking about the area and the things that go on there? Are they shopping? Playing sport? watching wildlife? Studying?

    There are two things to this. A bike has to be able to be locked securely. That means the design has to have closed loops to put a lock through. It has to be capable of supporting a bike so think about how large it should be. And it has to be reasonably easy to manufacture though it is the idea that is most important as the final design will be worked out between the winners and the blacksmiths who will be responsible for fabrication.

    These are not boring stands. They will be quirky, fun and photographed by everyone. They will be cool, surprising and great to see even when they are not in use. Don't just think traditional either - we live in a 3D world so think 3D with your designs. Expect pictures to be shared around the world.

    Enter the competition!