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Campaign: Operation Close Pass

There has been a lot of publicity for Operation Close Pass over the past year. It started in the West Midlands with the police riding their bicycles and pulling over motorists who were ignoring Highway Code Rule 163, part of which states that motorists should "give motorcyclists, cyclists and horse riders at least as much room as you would when overtaking a car". The West Midlands police believe that the operation has contributed significantly to the 20% reduction in the number of cyclists killed or seriously injured on the county’s roads in the year since it began.

Police Scotland has brought Operation Close Pass north of the border, but that's where the good news stops. The police in Dundee are saying they will not take part! Their excuse could be seen as good news: they say that close passing of cyclists is not an issue in Dundee. We believe that they are wrong and that the low level of injuries is because of the low level of cycling in Dundee, and a part of the reason for the low level of cycling is the sense of danger inexperienced cyclists get from seeing close passing every day on our city's roads.

How can we persuade the Dundee police to bring this important safety campaign to Dundee? One way is for anyone who is on the receiving end to report it:

In all cases it would be especially helpful if you managed to get the vehicle's number plate. If you have a helmet cam that caught the event, even better. And of course, remember that the best way to get people to help you is to be polite and reasonable.

Whichever way you report it to the Police, or even if you don't report it to them, please let us know about it. Send the details (where, when), including your name and address, to this special email address and we will collate them and pass a summary report to the Police. We won't share your details and you won't end up on a mailing list!