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Welcome to Dundee Cycling

Hello! We aim to promote cycling as an everyday activity in Dundee. We are open to anyone who cycles regularly, cycles occasionally or would like to start cycling. The aim is to help us all by making cycling a normal, everyday activity in Dundee. Watch the "News" panel and page for events and issues. Also, follow our Facebook and Twitter for the very latest information and cycling-related posts from further afield that have caught our attention.

We are mainly thinking about cycling as transport for work and leisure. Anyone who has been to the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, or even some cities in the UK will know that cycling works great as basic transport - it is quick, cheap and good for you. Dundee is a compact city and reasonably dry and sunny (for Scotland!) so it is an ideal place to join this 21st century revolution. There is a lot of work to do to catch up with the best cycling cities. The Netherlands started in the 1970s and Copenhagen in the 1990s. If we learn from their experiences we can catch up. It means changing the roads and changing minds.

So that is why we are here - to help Dundee join this healthy, practical, enjoyable trend. Which is not to say we will ignore our more-sporty friends - we are all part of the big cycling picture that is the future for communities throughout the world.

Operation Close Pass

Thanks to those of you who have shared your experience of close passing on Dundee streets. It can be a scary experience to have a fast-moving, heavy machine pass within a wobble of you. I am sure that usually the driver is being thoughtless rather than deliberately aggressive. All they need is a nudge towards more-considerate behaviour.

Sadly, here in Dundee, the police continue to refuse to follow their colleagues' good examples.

How can we persuade the Dundee police to bring this important safety campaign to Dundee?

One way is for anyone who is on the receiving end to report it. Calling the non-urgent Police phone number 101 or even 999 are the only ways to make sure that the incident gets formally logged.

Whether or not you report it to the Police, please let us know about it. Send the details (where, when), including your name and address, to this special campaign email address and we will collate them and pass a summary report to the Police. We won't share your details and you won't end up on a mailing list!

In all cases it would be especially helpful if you managed to get the vehicle's number plate. If you have a helmet cam that caught the event, even better. But the main thing is that we hear about it.

A reminder of what this is all about.

Highway Code Rule 163, states that motorists should "give motorcyclists, cyclists and horse riders at least as much room as you would when overtaking a car". Police forces in many areas of the UK have been running Operatopn Close Pass to educate drivers about this important rule of the road. It was started by the West Midlands police, who believe that the operation has contributed significantly to the 20% reduction in the number of cyclists killed or seriously injured on the county’s roads in the first year of their operation.

Proposal to replace 48 cycle parking spaces with car parking spaces

A Dundee City Council Planning Application for construction of car parking spaces alongside a short section of the National Cycle Network 1 in the Waterfront has been resubmitted. The proposal is to provide an additional 17 carparking spaces in place of a lot of precious, covered bike parking spaces. In "compensation" for the loss of cycle parking spaces, a new "secure two tier, 24 space, bicycle storage cage" will be provided.

The applicants argue that the existing cycle spaces are unused. This may well be true at present, but it is short-sighted to remove cycling facilities when there is a national target to increase cycling use from the current 1 or 2% to as much as 10%, plus of course the river front is going to become much more popular with the opening of the V&A later this year. And the cage looks as if it will be uncovered, which is hardly going to encourage use by the increased number of workers in the area.

The Application is "18/00391/FULL | Reconfiguration of Car Parking, Bicycle Parking and Landscaping | River Court 5 West Victoria Dock Road Dundee". If you would like to view details and submit comments go to http://idoxwam.dundeecity.gov.uk/idoxpa-web/ and search using 18/00391/FULL or the map tool. Please ignore the Comments (0) tab - you should receive an acknowledgement email.