Dundee Cycling

Working to make cycling an everyday experience in Dundee

Welcome to Dundee Cycling

Hello! We are a new group, formed in October 2016 to promote cycling as an everyday activity in Dundee. We are open to anyone who cycles regularly, cycles occasionally or would like to start cycling. The aim is to help us all by making cycling a normal, everyday activity in Dundee.

We are mainly thinking about cycling as transport for work and leisure. Anyone who has been to the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, or even some cities in the UK will know that cycling works great as basic transport - it is quick, cheap and good for you. Dundee is a compact city and reasonably dry and sunny (for Scotland!) so it is an ideal place to join this 21st century revolution. There is a lot of work to do to catch up with the best cycling cities. The Netherlands started in the 1970s and Copenhagen in the 1990s. If we learn from their experiences we can catch up. It means changing the roads and changing minds.

So that is why we are here - to help Dundee join this healthy, practical, enjoyable trend. Which is not to say we will ignore our more-sporty friends - we are all part of the big cycling picture that is the future for communities throughout the world.

Starting the journey

The past few weeks have been taken up with the formal details of setting up what will be an influential organisation. So stuff like a constitution, deciding what it is we are about, this web site and so on. We have had a couple of very well attended meetings which have been occupied with that. By the end of the year we will be ready to start making a difference.

Keep an eye on this site - it will be evolving rapidly. You will find details of how to get involved, details of our meetings and so on.