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Working to make cycling an everyday experience in Dundee

Welcome to Dundee Cycling

Hello! We aim to promote cycling as an everyday activity in Dundee. We are open to anyone who cycles regularly, cycles occasionally or would like to start cycling. Watch the "News" panel and page for events and issues. Also, follow our Facebook and Twitter for the very latest information and cycling-related posts from further afield that have caught our attention.

We are mainly thinking about cycling as transport for work and leisure. Anyone who has been to the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, or even some cities in the UK will know that cycling works great as basic transport - it is quick, cheap and good for you. Dundee is a compact city and reasonably dry and sunny (for Scotland!) so it is an ideal place to join this 21st century revolution. There is a lot of work to do to catch up with the best cycling cities. The Netherlands started in the 1970s and Copenhagen in the 1990s. If we learn from their experiences we can catch up. It means changing the roads and changing minds.

So that is why we are here - to help Dundee join this healthy, practical, enjoyable trend. Which is not to say we will ignore our more-sporty friends - we are all part of the big cycling picture that is the future for communities throughout the world.

Pedal On Parliament Comes to Dundee

We will be joining other Scottish cities in holding a Pedal On Parliament event in Dundee on 28th April at 1pm.

Click 'View More' or see our Facebook Event for the details!

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Dundee PoP-up Pedal on Parliament

Slessor Gardens Central Waterfront Dundee
Sunday 28 April 2019 1-3pm
Pedalling to make Dundee a cycle-friendly city!
Here's Where to Join Us!

Join us in the Gardens at 1pm to cycle around (and around) the Gardens, followed by a bring-your-own picnic!

If you are coming from Invergowrie and the west, you can join us by the Riverside Avenue underpass at midday to ride to the Gardens together. Feel free to join us as we make our way along the Riverside cyclepath.

If you are coming from Broughty Ferry and the east, you can join us at the Douglas Terrace cycle counter at midday to ride in to the Gardens, taking in the newly-revamped docks cycle path.

Or click here to navigate yourself to the start using Google Maps

Why are we Pedalling On Parliament?

To ask Dundee politicians and members of the public to sign up to our manifesto to make Dundee a cycle friendly city by tackling the barriers that prevent people of all ages and abilities from cycling the sort of journeys that make sense by bike.

What are we asking for?

  1. Increase funding for cycling in Dundee to 10% of the City Council's transport budget.
  2. Design cycling for all ages and abilities into Dundeeā€™s roads.
  3. Make 20 mph speed limit the default in residential areas.
  4. Cycling built into our local transport strategies.
  5. Better road traffic law and better enforcement.
  6. Tayside division of Police Scotland to run Operation Close Pass in Dundee to to help create an environment where cycling is a safe and attractive transport option.
  7. Car Free Zones at Schools.
  8. Better connections for walking and cycling between the Waterfront to invite visitors into our great city and to let Dundee citizens access our new 'living room'.
  9. Help tackle public health problems such as air pollution by making cycling an attractive everyday transport option.
  10. Secure cycle storage built into all new homes.
  11. Introduce traffic free days in Dundee City Centre.

If you have a cycling related issue and you want to raise it with your MSP or councillor you can use this link to email them https://www.writetothem.com/.

Fill That Hole

The winter may have been a mild one, but it has taken its toll on the road surfaces. National campaign group Cycling UK have set up a web page and a mobile phone app to make it easy to report them. The reports go to the appropriate local authority. Cycling UK say councils are generally quite quick to respond, probably because maintaining the safety of the road surface is legal requirement.